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The following are selected project case summaries taken from a sample of domestic US hospital clients:

  • The development of new physician MOB sites was undertaken for a non profit, regional HMO. A number of potential sites within the HMO service area were evaluated for suitability.
  • Mobile CT scanning and mammography services were implemented in a faith-based, community   hospital operating as part of a multi-unit system of hospitals.
  • A home health program was developed and implemented in a rural, district hospital.
  • An inpatient/outpatient mental health unit was implemented in a district hospital serving a regional catchment area. The hospital was remodeled and expanded to accommodate the new programs.
  • A new ICU/CCU unit was implemented in a non profit, faith-based hospital functioning within a multi-unit system of hospitals. Existing acute care beds were remodeled to accommodate the unit.
  • Chemical dependency, medical and surgical units, and surgical suites were upgraded/remodeled in a non profit faith-based hospital.  
  • Physicians have been recruited for a variety of clients (ENT, orthopedic surgeons, general surgeons, OB/GYN, anesthesiology, internal medicine, family practitioners, psychiatrists, etc.).
  • An outpatient eye surgery program was developed for a regional, faith-based non profit hospital.
  • Strategic plan development and management restructuring were undertaken for a large, regional, social services agency, together with the remodeling and construction of   a new office complex.
  • Strategic plan development was undertaken for a rural, district hospital.
  • Comprehensive programs of quality assurance have been implemented in a variety of departments in several hospitals, both rural and urban.
  • Cost/charge formulae were developed for use with patient billing systems, integrated with a nurse scheduling and human resource allocation model in a large regional hospital.
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