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International Hospital Consulting Services

Network Consulting and Management, Ltd. (NCM), is an experienced firm of   "networked" health care professionals from various backgrounds and disciplines providing management consulting services for hospitals, with a focus on hospitals in developing countries. Consulting services are available for a full range of management and operational areas, including planning, general management, human resource management, administrative, clinical and non clinical areas. The operational experience of networked  professionals includes individuals with experience in the position of chief executive officer, human resource director, hospital systems engineer and development director, among others.

Hospitals served have included rural and urban hospitals, both public and private hospitals, faith-based and government owned hospitals. To date, projects have included hospitals in Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Japan, Nicaragua, Panama, and Peru.

Hospital consulting capabilities include the following:

  • Preparation of rapid appraisals intended to guide the formulation of   plans and programs of hospital improvement and reform.
  • The development of strategic plans, annual operating plans and intermediate term plans.
  • The implementation of quality assurance programs.
  • The formulation of   programs for modernization of the hospital sector on a national level, encompassing management, human resources, quality, preventive maintenance, accounting and finance, management information systems, and facility modernization, among other topics.
  • Education and training seminars, particularly those directed at nursing and management.
  • Program and service evaluation.
  • Implementation of productivity programs.

  Typical clients and sponsors have included:

  • Ministries of Health
  • The World Bank
  • The Inter-American Development Bank (IADB)
  • Agency for International Development (AID)
  • Battelle Memorial Institute
  • Private International Consulting Firms


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